Did you know that there are different tiers of builders ?

  • Affordable
  • Family
  • Luxury
All have a varied set of set inclusions to their homes as well as different price points.

There are so many questions !

An abundance of details that can change the whole dynamic of your build and take it from a smooth sailing process to a slow and exhausting one !

Project home builder or Custom Builder ?

Choosing the right builder is a critical decision to your home`s construction and can change the entire process.

You`re going to be paying hundreds of thousands, even potentially millions to construct your home, so following a set of smart guidelines and doing adequate research will be well worth your time.

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When choosing a builder, doing reference checks is critical. Have you seen any of their homes under construction in your suburb? Have you reviewed their website, and online feedback on their reputation? A big builder or marketing everywhere online and on billboards doesn’t always mean getting the home you want! Walk past some homes under construction and have a look at how the site looks – is it tidy or is there rubbish everywhere?


Different tiered builders will offer a different m2 rate. A first home buyer looking with a smaller budget probably isn’t suited to a luxury custom builder for their first home, similarly an investor looking for affordability in construction costs may look for a mid-tiered builder with a good standard of inclusions whilst still offering a more competitive price point to suit an investor trying to maximise on returns. Do the research to narrow down a list of builders who fall within the price point you’re looking to spend and who’s standard inclusions fit with what you’re looking in your home. Remember – a cheap base price “ISNT” the final price, so although it might start cheaper, with a low standard of inclusions you may end up spending the same as a higher quality builder whose inclusions are a better quality as standard.


Many builders specialise in certain locations or even particular estates. If you are buying in an estate where certain builders have a lot under construction, they should be able to provide you very accurate costs and quotes on the sometimes unknowns such as foundations and site works. Likewise, if you are using a builder who is not familiar with the location or requires travel there could be significant costs in transportation as well as provisional costs in which they aren’t able to provide accurate costings without spending significant amounts on soil testing and surveying.

Fixed price quotes

Some builders offer a fixed price quote, that is, after a deposit is taken they complete the soil testing and surveying works to then assess cut and fill and the required foundation depths. From here they can provide you a fixed price on your construction whereas a number of other builders with us a PC (Prime Cost) This is essentially an allocation or estimate- not FIXED. As example a builder could put a PC item of $15,000 for foundations and the actual cost end up being $30,000 – Something to be wary of if you’re working to a tight budget!

Time frame

The construction timeline battle has become more fierce than ever for many builders. Generally speaking for a single storey home 6 months or 26 weeks is a fair construction time. In creating a point of difference we’ve seen builders offer 20,16 and even 12 week construction times! This can be very appealing to someone who wants to move in ASAP, but it is important to be cautious of the builder rushing the construction or not allowing the foundations to cure properly before starting framework!

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