Hiring a consultant is a serious task. Relying on someone else’s expertise can be quite daunting. After all, why would you/should you listen to them?

At Novaturient, we‘ve been in business for more than two decades and have vast experience in sales/building construction/franchising/debt reduction/sales/mediation/budgeting/propertyinvesting/fitness/mentoring etc and more 

As a group we have achieved total sales volume in excess of $1 billion dollars!

With that in mind, we have made both huge personal gains and losses and grown businesses with thousands of people and many moving parts. We have made and lost other people a lot of money and regardless of the outcome, educated them on success in business. We have learnt from each of our mistakes and continue to grow every day. We now seek to pass on this knowledge, changing lives worldwide is our mission.

In essence, we’ve helped thousands of people across 4 continents with their problems. We have both scaled companies and had companies fail. Through all this we have dealt with international governments, jurisdictions, taxation, banking systems and have a grasp on world economics and government policy. (And if we don’t know a topic we have access to someone who does).

We understand the ups and downs, the ying and yang and have our own opinion of both the micro and macro effects that the world undergoes.

We have vast international expertise and to put it simply, we understand what most don’t and with experience comes knowledge

As consultants we can apply our real world knowledge to your personal circumstances and provide valuable insight into what challenges you may face next. Effectively helping you to navigate through any outcome. 

It’s better to follow someone who has already walked the path you’re trying to walk rather than hack wildly through the bush. 

Why would I hire a consultant?

Consultants provide real world experience and can serve a multitude of purposes. Commonly consultants are higher to either, save clients both time and money or to facilitate growth through higher sales or increased productivity.

What topics would a consultant help with?

There are consultants for every industry in the world. Typically they are high level experts who have already scaled the heights in their chosen field. They now act as experts to those wishing to gain insight or more specialised help.

How much does a consultant cost?

Most consultants will change either an hourly rate or a total project fee. It’s usually 3-10x the average industry hourly rate but can save you tens of thousands in lost time and money by circumventing problems you may not have considered. Alternatively they may provide growth strategies and insight into faster ways to grow or alternative ways to increase productivity.

Do I have to listen to my consultant?

Absolutely not. Much like a professional board, consultants are there to provide their opinion only. How you choose to process the information they provide or whether to act on it are entirely your decision.

At what point should I contact a consultant

As soon as you think you need professional advice. There is no time like the present. For many people the old adage- you don’t know what you don’t know is the exact problem. Using a consultant is beneficial at all times, even if it’s just to verify what you are doing is correct.

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