For most people (circa 90%) investing isn’t something they learnt in school. Discussing how to effectively calculate ROI makes them feel silly and choosing one investment over another can be daunting.

That’s where Novaturient comes in. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to make investment decisions. Being informed and confident is step number one towards changing your life through passive and semi passive income. 

Studies have shown that more than 78% of people realise they should invest in their future and more than 50% want to, but don’t know how. 

Most people have no clue what the best, most stable investments look like right now or the reasons why they stack up. The world property market in in a flux state and stocks are pulling back from all time highs. 

There is also a plethora of sales people out there selling investment idea/products to generate profit for themselves. 

To take into consideration:

As of 20th October 2022 interest rates are on the rise for than than 60% of countries around the world. Putting money in the bank now pays you 1.5% interest- still much less than inflation. In other words if you are saving, you are losing buying power and thus money!  

The average property rental and stock market yields are below 5%, resulting in less then inflationary returns. 

To add to this pressure, land taxes, crypto taxes,  and accommodation laws are on the rise. Restricting your ability to earn great returns. 

The solution

That’s where Novaturient comes in. Our research shows a high percentage of people would be open to the idea of learning how to either legally minimise their tax or save running costs through globalisation – capitalising on the lower wages and cost of living available in foreign nations. 

In addition investing in high yielding assets that counteract inflation as also take advantage of capital gains without the tax. 

Our argument is for an alternative property/business advisory proposition. With current market conditions, the timing to both create a market and build on an existing one is available. 

When should I start investing?

As soon as you have excess capital available. Never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

What if I don’t have any excess capital to invest?

Those who wish to have a stable future and reliable income need to have investments that pay good returns (unless you want to work for money forever)This means finding other ways to make income. If you’re not making enough money to invest then a part time business or a side hustle are almost a requirement for you to get ahead. Lucky the team at Novaturient are experts in this regard.

What type of things can I invest in?

There are hundreds of things that count as an investment. From Physical Gold and silver to Lego sets there are many things that have demonstrated to increase in value over time. Mainstream investments usually include real property (though the digital property market now exists) shares in major companies and classic cars. Anything that shows a real money Roi or a year on year increase in value could be defined as an investment item.

What should I invest in?

Ah, the age old question! The answer is something that you have confidence in. You should know both the risks and rewards before handing over any of your hard earned money. That means doing research and your own due diligence. Depending on your country of residence there are people who are certified to provide financial advice. At Novaturient we believe in educating and not advice. We can give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision about a variety of investment options. Should you need some professional advice we have people we can recommend you to speak to.

Need Help From Novaturient?

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