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Firstly, We know what we do works.

We are able to advise the relevant Tax Office and accountants of your personal updates

  • We ensure you remain compliant.
  • We provide full and clear paperwork to ensure all structures are legal and documented.
  • Full assessment of your situation & options
  • Full explanation of our service
  • Feedback on how we can save you $
  • Examples of people with similar structures


We provide a detailed analysis and present your options along with implementation paperwork documenting legal structures and paperwork


Full breakdown of tax saving potential

Estimated first year savings

Both business and personal tax structures

Full quote of implementation cost and timelines

Tax structure options – pros & cons + our recommendation

Offshore options explained

Fully documented analysis of options mentioned above

Is this legal?

Of course, it is! But we understand peoples cause for concern. Tax departments around the world have done a superb job of trying to criminalise words like- off shore’’ or ‘’overseas banking’’ to make it seem as if the only reason for having an overseas bank account is to avoid paying tax. Obviously there are a wide range of reasons why you would need an overseas account and why operating in a different or multiple jurisdictions would make sense for your personal or company situation.

How does the process work?

Much the same as a doctor or lawyer, our experts will start by asking the right questions. They need to determine your exact personal scenario before they can explain any options that may be available to you. Once we have all the information, we can guide you through a streamlined process and introduce you to the right people to make ensure everything is structured correctly.

How long does the process take?

We move at your speed, depending on your situation. For most people establishing where they are at currently and creating the correct structure can be rolled out in under a month.

How much can I save?

Again, it depends on your current setup, what you’re earning and where you’re earning it from. There are 0% tax jurisdictions around the world, however they aren’t usually viewed as being business friendly. There are many ways to easily reduce your tax to 5-10% depending on your personal circumstances.

Need Help from Novaturient?

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