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We live in a big world, why only buy in our backyards?

For so many, the thought of purchasing a property overseas falls into the too hard basket. Not necessarily because they don’t want to, but more so not knowing the right location, the process, the laws and the logistics.

The Novaturient team have spent years studying, travelling and understanding different countries' property laws, opportunities and returns.

Global Property diversification

Experience the in-depth information that has been sourced, discovered and put into practise to show you how property can be acquired overseas without any capital gains tax or mortgage insurance while providing a strong return on investment.

Novaturient is dedicated to helping our community to better understand the overseas property markets and to be able to see the abundance of opportunities that exist outside of our own backyards.

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What’s hothot across the Globe?

Interested in our research and what the Novaturient team has discovered? Download our latest International Property Catalogue to see where we are currently investing.

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