As Novaturients, we have connections all around the world. It’s just one of the benefits of our team
having travelled to over 100 countries. Sharing connections and resources helps our entire
community grow.
From Lawyers in Canada, to accountants in Bulgaria. We know, trust and work with these people on
a regular basis.
Professionals are the people at the top of their game that can provide you with the edge that you
need to get where you’re going.
Whether it’s a finance professional in Berlin, someone to help you setup a SMSF in Australia or a
stockbroker that’s clued up on South Korean shares, we can get you in touch
If you have a question or would like to gain knowledge on a particular topic, our advisory service was created for you. As we always say, it`s “what you don`t know you don`t know” that inspires the greatest change.
How does your advisory service work?

Much like Airbnb and Uber there’s an established community based on trust and referrals. We don’t recommend people we don’t know.

What do professionals in your network charge?

Like most networks there’s a discount applied to referrals as the cost of acquisition for a client is lower- often zero. You can rest assured that a price quoted through someone in our network is fair and reasonable.

What do i need an advisor for?

Whether you’re moving to South America or want to expand your business in eastern Europe, having a soft landing (assistance on the ground) can fast track your progress by weeks, months or even years.

What other things can a Professional Advisor help with?

Our advisors have walked the path. They are professionals through experience and stand by what they have achieved for themselves, their colleagues, and clients. Imparting knowledge on others and helping them to get ahead is what we do best.

Need Help from Novaturient?

if you have any questions regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us