stock market

Stock Market

“Stocks’ or “shares’ are something that most of our clients are aware exist, yet have no idea about.

The fundamental principles of Roi (Return on investment) are alive and well when looking at markets around the world.

While no one ever knows for sure what will go up and down in value (and by how much) you can use several indicators to predict or “reason’ why a particular share would increase or decrease.

While at Novaturient we never recommend any particular share. As always, knowledge is power. We ensure our clients know how to buy shares, where to buy shares (and get the cheapest price on fees) and upcoming factors that may influence the market.

There is a huge difference between a stock “trader” and a stock investor with fundamental difference being in the length of time the shares/stocks are held for. While a Stock trader may only own the shares (and sometimes doesn’t even actually own them, but that’s another story) for a number of hours or days, a stock investor is buying for the long term. Most 401ks or superannuation fund are largely invested in the stock market for the long term. 

Our advisors can explain to you market fundamentals so that you can ask the right questions to make your own educated decisions. 

Is Share investing risky?

This is a matter of opinion. Most people will tell you that long term, diversified investing in blue chip (commonly larger companies with a strong long term track record) stocks over the long term (20 years plus) is not risky at all.

How much can you make from Share investing

Some people have made millions, while others have lost the lot. Again, it depends on several factors such as Initial capital- The amount you’re putting into the investment. Time in the market- are you looking to get in make a profit and get out or hold for the long term? Risk factor and volatility- not all shares are created equal, some have high earnings demonstrated over a long period of time (reliable) while others are emerging and may not have ever turned a profit at all.

How much capital do I need to buy shares?

In todays market there are companies charging as little as $5 per transaction (the amount you pay to a broker to purchase the shares on your behalf). There is no minimum or maximum but you should be buying at least $100 at a time to avoid paying a high percentage of fees (which you will never get back and wont produce any ROI) There are many Financial Experts” you will find who promote a regular purchase of shares regardless of market conditions. As an example, you simply buy $500 per month regardless of where you believe the market is doing.

When should I start buying shares?

No one knows when the market will go up and down. The best answer to this is- when you have disposable income you can invest regardless of the outcome. You should never purchase an investment with funds you need to purchase everyday items such as food and shelter.

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