Knock down rebuild or Subdivision?

Why not check out our top 10 tips to a subdivision

The Novaturient team has been involved in a number of subdivision and property developments over the years and can help you to create a smooth process.

From required paperwork and applications to demolition and subdivision. Our key partners can make the process a walk in the park and help you to maximise on the profits while keeping downtime to a minimum.

Many projects fail during the early-stage requirements, such as time frames and financial constraints which create hurdles for you as the developer. Novaturient can guide you to overcome these roadblocks through our network of resources and help you realise your end goal.

There's a lot of information involved in a subdivision.
Getting it wrong can be a costly exercise.

Are you familiar with how council approvals work and what regulations your particular council area have around site coverage, private open space, and energy ratings?

Confused about the process?

Our consultants have years of experience in the industry and are available to assist with your questions to ensure you’re aware of the regulations and rules around subdivision and land development.

Can I subdivide my block?

Checking the council zoning or R-Code will help you to assess if your property meets the subdivision requirements such as street frontage and total block size. You’ll also need to assess water meter locations as well as potential street and protected trees on the site.

Can I keep my house and still subdivide?

Depending on the type of subdivision and the council zoning this can sometimes be achieved. Hammerhead subdivisions are quite common whilst retaining the dwelling at the front if there is a suitable width to the side where a driveway can be constructed for rear dwellings

What is better, Torrens or Community Title?

This isn’t so much a choice of better as to what is more suitable. Torrens titles have their own sewer connection and water meter whilst Community titles have a shared sewer point and electricity meter board. Depending on the subdivision or development will play a role in what the most suitable division is for you.

What is an easement?

An Easement Is any land that is registered on your certificate of title which gives someone the right to use it for a certain purpose even though they do not own the land. Understanding an easement and how it can affect your subdivision is critical.

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