New BAYC Community Council

This week, Yuga Labs made the announcement that a new BAYC Community Council would be
established. According to the announcement page, the purpose of this council is to reflect the club
as a whole and offer a forum for fresh viewpoints. The council will gather community feedback,
collaborate with members on business projects and events, and serve as a general conduit between
the community and the founders. Josh Ong, Sera, Laura Rod, and several more well-known
individuals are members of the council.

A wonderful step in the right direction, and with some well respected individuals within the Web3
community it is certainly a positive move for Yuga Labs. As the NFT market remains bearish, it is
good to see progress and community development happening in the background while the noise is
quiet. It would be great to see the founders step up and become more vocal and involved with the
community as ambassadors for BAYC.


Whilst on the topic of all things BAYC, Apecoin DAO announced in late September that Apecoin
staking would begin towards the end of October. To be able to stake you will need a Bored Ape or a
Mutant Ape.

Holding a Kennel Club will allow you to boost the amount of APE you get in return for staking. The
news had a positive impact on the BAYC ecosystem with notable pumps on MAYC and Kennels.

The news had mixed results in the NFT community with some holders concerned about locking up
their NFT in a smart contract to receive a token created for free and given away for locking your NFT.

Feels a bit like the world governments printing away billions and billions each day like its nothing?


None the less, the hype and excitement was certainly present amongst many holders and the news
saw many apeing in – Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

33 AIPs (Ape Improvement Proposal) are in progress with 3 snapshots approved by the community
thus far with both AIP-91 “Platform to Connect Talent Within the Ape Community” and AIP-96
“Funding For Public Goods (ETHGlobal & Gitcoin)” both passed by the Apecoin DAO.

As an MAYC holder, I’m interested to see how this all progresses and how the concept of the
Apecoin Launchpad functions, last year we saw a string of successful Launchpads help a number of
projects get funded with names like Bluezilla having a strong impact in a number of those launchpad
It will certainly be interesting viewing for the NFT and BAYC communities!